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Editorial food Photographer

Photography Fit For Foodies

In the creative space found only beyond “pretty,” our unique magic is created by:

⁣"Technically beautifuL" is only a piece of the puzzle. 


trying new angles and props

experimenting with lighting, styling, and colors

bending all those out-dated, traditional so-called rules ⁣of photography

We take foods, from the naturally photogenic to the ordinary, and make them fresh and vibing. 

We help you attract new customers by making your meal look like a whole snack (if you know what we mean), because your success makes the world a little bit more delicious. 


This intensification, combined with the use of contrast and shadows, creates a compelling and dramatic appearance that is sure to make a statement and stop any scroll. 

We photograph in the style of heightened realism (a.k.a hyperrealism), which presents objects with excessive imagery and emotion. That means we photograph food in its natural state, but with bold colors and intensified textures. 

Notes on style





Notes on style

our end game

Your In-Depth Experience

(Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy)

When you get in touch, I’ll set up a 30-minute Zoom call which will give me an idea of your needs and how we can meet them. Before we get you on the calendar, we’ll chat about:

1. Connect

• what these images will be used for
• how many dishes or products need to be photographed
• if a food stylist will be needed
• who's doing the cooking
• where will the shoot be taking place
• and more! 

This is where we deep dive into your vision and get into the nitty-gritty details. During your strategy call, we’ll go over the shoot details like the location and number of dishes being shot. Then I’ll craft your mood board and prepare a detailed shot list for your approval, as well as work on all the behind-the-scenes details like contacting the food stylist and gathering the props. 

2. Get to Cooking

Before your shoot, I’ll go over the mood board and shot list with both the chef and the food stylist. Then we get down to work! The shoot will be fun, a little messy, and contain alllll the positive vibes, so that when people see your photos they get those same vibes, too. 

3. Create a Stir

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We are committed to delivering everything as promised and on-time. We will always be upfront about our pricing and our processes. 

Crazy Innovative

Our difference lies in our outlook. Sometimes, we break traditional photographic rules to get that vibrant, fresh, statement-making shot. A lot of the time, we set the trends that help our client stand out from the competition.

Hella Fun

Unlike other food photographers, we provide a fun, collaborative experience - complete with a messy, creative, music-backed photoshoot - which is designed to uniquely bring your vision to life while capturing your true brand essence.

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