Commercial + Editorial Food Photography

Commercial + Editorial Food Photography

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for food marketers, restaurant owners, and cookbook publishers

Since 2015, we’ve been setting the trends, capturing the essence of food brands in fresh and innovative ways, so that your dishes and food products stand out and show out. 

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Austin Food Guide, a food photographer located in Austin, Texas, creates fresh and innovative visuals for food marketers, restaurant owners, and cookbook publishers in a way that captures their true brand essence.  

Available to travel wherever food is made.

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Located in central texas

We craft                        photos of food

We craft                photos of food


So You Can Show Up and Stand Out

If you’re looking for the new ideas and fueled-up creativity that will get your food and brand noticed, we’re here to help you get that “drool-worthy” factor that’s sure to make a statement. Our skilled team will push the envelope enough to help you impress the ones that matter most. 

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The Austin Food Guide Difference

Always Honest ᐧ Crazy Innovative ᐧ Hella Fun

At Austin Food Guide, we will:

keep up with all demands

deliver as-promised and on-time... every time

collaborate to grasp and realize your creative vision

provide the innovative solutions you crave 

stay at the forefront of trends

create images destined for those "Best Of" lists 

food photographer 

I’m Mica, professional food photographer and owner of Austin Food Guide...

Since 2015, I have been honored to be trusted by top food marketers, restaurant owners, and cookbook publishers in Texas and beyond to create fresh, innovative, and (heck, yeah) dramatic visuals of food. 

But making your vision a reality doesn’t happen on its own. You see, I believe there is power in collaboration. That’s why we’ll work together to bring your vision to life and showcase your brand with the kind of bomb food photos you need to stand out and show out. 

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As a food photographer, I am committed to ongoing education, exploring color theory, traveling wherever and whenever I can, cooking recipes from different cuisines, and fostering my passion projects (all food-related, of course!)

And I believe that food photography requires an inquisitive palate and a profound love of color.

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Get to Cooking

Create a Stir

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