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A bi-weekly show where we talk about the intersection of two passions: food and photography

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for food photographers, food stylists, food marketers, and

anyone with dreams of making food look pretty

More than a Podcast

designed to make you hungry to learn, grow, and hustle

Every other Wednesday, food photographer, Mica McCook sits down to chat with the best food photographers, food stylists, art directors, and PR peeps in the industry, so that you feast on only the best tips and strategies in the business.

This isn’t a highlight reel with conveniently deleted “lows.” And it’s not a place for pie-in-the-sky philosophy (although we do love a good pie!) But it is your place to get the nitty-gritty of what it takes to start and run a real food photography business. 

If you’ve been taken advantage of by companies that exploited your services, you’ll learn how to never let it happen again (or how to avoid it from ever happening at all!) Because when you know better, you do better.

Part Education, Part Inspiration, Part Humor ‒ 100% Keeping It Real


On-the-go business education

The best food photography techniques

Networking and marketing tips that work

Waxing poetic on the beauty of food

Everything in between

Created with the intention of providing more than passive listening for education, The Savory Shot is your place to find a community of fellow food photographers.

This is the place where you find the support and information you need to pursue your passion in food photography or food marketing. Because it’s never too late to become who you always wanted to be. 

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Podcast Guest Criteria

Nominate yourself or a guest

A professional with three or more years of experience

Believes in “community over competition”

Have a desire to share tangible tips with new food photographers

Your journey isn’t perfectly bright and polished

You experienced real hardships and learned hard lessons that had a profound impact on you

You genuinely want to help new photographers avoid the same mistakes you made

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