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EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode of The Savory Shot, host Mica, chats with Kate McDermott who is a full-time copy writer with 13 years of hospitality experience. Kate helps busy hospitality pros get more website visitors and increased sales in a super competitive market. We chat about the ins and outs of copywriting and how […]

020: Eat, Drink and Write Copy

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EPISODE SUMMARY  In this episode of The Savory Shot, host Mica dives into developing your unique style and voice in food photography. Are you ready to up your photography game and make yourself stand out in such a competitive industry? Tune in to hear five real, practical, simple, and doable ideas for finding your style […]

019: Make Your Food Photography Uniquely Yours

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EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode of The Savory Shot, host Mica McCook chats with Robin Zachary, a prop stylist who has built a successful career in an unconventional industry. Robin shares insight into her career journey, her mother’s advice on the importance of having anything and everything be a prop, and her new book, Styling […]

018: Styling Beyond Instagram

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Achieve Success EPISODE SUMMARY Are you ready to make this year the one where you level up your personal and professional goals and achieve success? If so, then you are in the right place to get started! In this episode of the Savory Shot, host Mica shares her insight into setting and achieving success with […]

017: Achieve Success Through New Year’s Resolutions

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EPISODE SUMMARY In Episode 16, being the last episode of 2022, we talk about the first year of The Savory Shot, the guests we’ve met during this time and our reflections. When Mica first started planning this podcast, the goal was to create a space where guests could share stories and experiences, and the listeners […]

016: Reflections on What I’ve Learned from Past Guests

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EPISODE SUMMARY This episode was fun to record! This is what happens when you get two food photographers together on a podcast to discuss food culture. Clay Williams worked in IT and Corporate Media before becoming a Photographer in 2006. Looking for an outlet to communicate with the world, and a way to express himself […]

015: Using Your Camera To Connect With Food Culture and Its Creators

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Protecting your creativity Protect your creativity EPISODE SUMMARY Why do you create?  You create because you have to. You have a story that needs to be told, an idea that needs to be shared, or a vision that needs to be brought to reality. And when you’re creating, you feel alive—you feel like yourself. That’s […]

014: Protect Your Creativity, Your Work, and Yourself

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EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode, we talk to Frank Curry, an educator at Austin Community College and photographer. We discuss learning to fail forward, embracing the photographer you are and not the one you think you should be, taking risks, and the challenges that photographers face today. We begin with a question: What does it […]

013: Learning To Fail Forward And Take Risks

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Power of Connecting EPISODE SUMMARY If you want to be successful in today’s world, you need to be multi-faceted. That’s the lesson that Addie Broyles wants us to learn, and it’s something she’s been demonstrating with her own career. Addie understands the power of connecting with people. Addie is a multi-faceted renaissance woman: she is […]

012: The Power of Connecting With People

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Comparing Yourself EPISODE SUMMARY From the moment you start taking pictures and sharing them with the world, you will begin to compare yourself to other photographers. You might feel that they are better at shooting food than you. Or that their images sell more than yours because they look like they belong on a magazine […]

011: Why Comparing Yourself To Other Food Photographers Is Pointless

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