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032: Real Bonds in a Virtual World: How Gerri Williams Builds Genuine Connections Beyond Social Media Feeling that pull, that quiet whisper in your soul urging you towards the new and the unknown? If you find yourself lost in daydreams, eyes fixed on the horizon, imagining the vast expanse of what’s yet to come, darling, […]

032: Virtual Bonds: Gerri Williams’ Genuine Connections Beyond Social Media

Headshot image of a woman wearing a headdress
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Capturing fleeting EPISODE SUMMARY Ever caught yourself yearning to break the mold of standard photography, to add a spark, something unusually remarkable to your work? If you answered yes, yes, uh, YES, then you should wander into the mystery-filled realm of CGI. Steve Hansen is here to reveal the heart of his expedition into this […]

Capturing Fleeting, Fluid, and Fragile Moments with CGI

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EPISODE SUMMARY Finding Your ‘Happy Place’ in the World of Food Photography I’m excited to bring you another episode, and this time I’m chatting with the incredible Jackie Alpers. Jackie is a food photographer and author who has been making waves in the industry with her stunning imagery and unique style. We’ll delve into how […]

030: Finding Your Happy Place in Food Photography with Jackie Alpers

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EPISODE SUMMARY: Discover the extraordinary fusion of AI and food photography Have you ever wondered what impact a spoonful of family history might have on one’s path to harnessing AI and food photography? Or how a journey from crafting personal food blogs to navigating the commercial photography realm? In this captivating episode titled “Tasting the […]

Tasting the Future with Evi Abeler

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A Heart-to-Heart Chat on Courting Uncertainty and Finding Flavor in Risk-taking An artist of many shades, Rishon Hanners, is a culinary trailblazer, lifestyle writer, and producer, hailing from the enchanted city of Birmingham, Alabama. As a food stylist and recipe developer, she transforms everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces by embracing risk with open arms. This […]

028: Savoring Risks: A Flavorful Leap into Uncertainty

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Delving into Food Storytelling: Uncovering the Art of Photography with Acclaimed Photographer Penny De Los Santos EPISODE SUMMARY Are you ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of food storytelling? Join me, Mica, on The Savory Shot podcast, where I interview renowned photographer and food storyteller Penny De Los Santos. In this episode, we […]

027: Savoring the Art of Food Photography and Storytelling

Headshot of Penny De Los Santos
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Key Takeaways from Savory Shot, Your Favorite Food Photography Podcast EPISODE SUMMARY Indulging in a Flavorful Year: Can you believe it’s been a year of delectable chats on Savory Shot, our beloved food photography podcast? With Mica McCook’s delicious blend of passion, personality, and raw wisdom, it’s been a culinary adventure for your ears! Reflections […]

026: A Year of Flavorful Conversations

Woman standing in front of building wearing a hat
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EPISODE SUMMARY Listen to this episode of the Savory Shot featuring Dyutima Jha, a seasoned architect turned food photographer and podcast host who found her creative liberation through Instagram’s food world. DJ shares her unique perspective on the power of social media in shaping and nurturing our passions. Tune in and hear about her journey, […]

025: Cooking Through the Lens with Dyutima Jha

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EPISODE SUMMARY In episode 24 of The Savory Shot, host Mica McCook chats with Jeff Brown, Photographer, Marketing Mentor and Best Selling Author. Jeff shares insight on his experience in the photography industry, and the challenges that are faced by photographers. We speak on the lack of unique branding, his program and new book! About […]

024: Unlocking Your Photography Potential with Jeff Brown

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EPISODE SUMMARY Looking for inspiration to pursue your passion? In the latest episode, Mica talks to photographer Kathryn Barnard about her journey of self-discovery and the importance of following your dreams. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and advice from these experts. Plus, The Savory Shot is excited to announce a new way for listeners […]

023: From Waitress to Photographer: Kathryn Barnard

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