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EPISODE SUMMARY: Conversation with Aran Goyoaga Ever found yourself marveling at how a passion for baking can evolve into a celebrated career in food photography? How does one’s heritage shape their artistic journey in today’s digital age? In today’s conversation with Aran Goyoaga, we dive deep into the world of Aran, a renowned food stylist, photographer, […]

042: Food, Photography, and Finding Oneself: A Conversation with Aran Goyoaga

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EPISODE SUMMARY Ever find yourself jittery with excitement, yet tangled in nerves, on the cusp of sharing your food photography magic with a potential client? This episode is your roadmap to crafting that irresistible perfect pitch that truly reflects your unique vision and fervor, ensuring your dream clients can’t help but say yes. Dive deep […]

041: Pitch Perfect: Successfully Present Your Food Photography to Clients

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EPISODE SUMMARY Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful food photographer? In the latest episode of Savory Shot, Christina Peters shares her incredible journey from a rebellious teenager to a renowned food photographer. Christina talks about her early challenges, like moving out at 16 and juggling multiple jobs while still in […]

040: Art, Adversity, Ambition: Christina Peters’ Path

Portrait of Christina Peters, smiling with red hair and glasses, wearing a beige striped sweater, against a muted gray background.
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EPISODE SUMMARY – Self-Compassion and Business in Photography Step into 2024 with a fresh perspective in our latest episode, ‘New Year’s Balance: SELF-COMPASSION and Business in Photography.’ If you’ve ever felt torn between the hustle of your business and the need for self-care, this episode is your beacon in the fog. We take a deep […]

039: New Year’s Balance: SELF-COMPASSION and Business in Photography

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EPISODE SUMMARY Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn a passionate pursuit into a thriving career in food photography? Join us as we dive into the captivating world of Francesco Sapienza, a master at engineering visual stories and capturing culinary masterpieces through his lens! In this inspiring episode of The Savory Shot Podcast, […]

038: Francesco Sapienza: Engineering Visual Stories in Food Photography

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EPISODE SUMMARY In today’s tantalizing episode, we’re unwrapping the secrets of the food styling world with the incredible Lisa Homa. With a seasoning of 25 years in the industry, Lisa isn’t just a food stylist; she’s a culinary storyteller. We get a deep dive of Lisa Homa’s food styling insights. What does it take to […]

037: Crafting Edible Beauty: Lisa Homa’s Food Styling Insights

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EPISODE SUMMARY Ever found yourself wondering why you’re still running on fumes, despite nailing all your goals? Brace yourselves for a truth bomb: true success is impossible without rest. That’s right. Today’s episode with Mica isn’t just another chat; it’s a wake-up call to all the hustlers out there. It’s a testament to the power […]

036: The Power of REST: Recharge, Set Boundaries, and Sync with the Senses

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EPISODE SUMMARY Creative roadblocks. Every food photographer and creative in the world has grappled with this at some point in their career. And when it happens, it’s just the absolute worst feeling. It feels hopeless, heavy, and, dare I say, neverending. How often do you find yourself grappling with creative blocks? In this episode, Mica […]

035: Exploring Culinary Optics and Navigating Creative Blocks.

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EPISODE SUMMARY In this wicked episode of “The Savory Shot,” our energetic host, Mica, dives headfirst into the world of personal projects and creative growth. She strips down their mysteries to show how vital they are in every creator’s journey. Drawing from her own wild ride, Mica shares personal stories of success and stumbles. She […]

034: Unleashing Your Creativity Through Personal Projects

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Andrew Scrivani on Mastering Food Photography’s Style and Narrative. What would you do if you had a coach to guide and mentor you? Think about it: Throughout history, lessons, wisdom, and skills have cascaded down generations, much like parents passing down stories and advice to their children. In the realm of creativity, having a coach […]

033: Coaching the Creative Lens with Andrew Scrivani

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