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As we wrap up 2023, a year brimming with zest and color, it’s time to pause and reflect on the vibrant journey we’ve taken together. From the tender shoots of spring to the rich harvest of fall, this year has been a canvas for culinary stories, each dish a brushstroke of creativity. Joining the AMPlify […]

Celebrating the Year: A Visual Feast of 2023’s Highlights

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Unquestionably, there’s a certain warmth that only baking can bring to a home during the holidays, isn’t there? It’s like a culinary hug, enveloping you with scents of cinnamon and spice. Recently, I had the joy of capturing this essence through my lens, focusing on maple leaf tree cookies that are as much a feast […]

Behind the Lens: The Warm Embrace of Maple Leaf Cookies

Festive maple tree cookies arranged on a vintage plate, surrounded by autumn leaves and a steaming cup of chai, showcasing the warm essence of the holidays.
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With the world cocooned in the holiday season’s warm embrace, let’s delve into the real star—festive foods photography. Grasping the core of these delights through photography demands a creative touch and an eye for detail. This guide will lead you through the process of photographing festive foods with an artistic twist. Each dish will be […]

Festive Foods Photography: A Creative Guide for the Holiday Season

Powdered sugar being dusted on falling sugar cubes with snowmen on top.
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In the world of spirits – both the kind you mix and the kind that might visit on All Hallows’ Eve – setting the scene for a bewitching bash is crucial. Undoubtedly, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Tito’s Vodka to bring the spirit of Halloween to life. Proving that this spooky season is […]

Conjuring Spirits: A Peek into Tito’s Vodka Halloween Photoshoot

A bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka on a reflective surface with an overturned cocktail glass and a full drink garnished with a lime.
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Pears: The Unsung Heroes of Fall Every season has its iconic elements, and when I think of fall, I’m often drawn to images of pumpkins, autumn leaves, and cozy sweaters. But tucked away amidst the fall foliage is an unsung hero – the pear. More than just a fruit, pears capture the essence of fall. […]

Illuminating Flavors: Fall Pears Photography

Lush green pears artfully arranged on and around a plate, interspersed with crinkled white cloth, against a mustard yellow backdrop.
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In our approach to food photography, we aim to capture ‘The Essence of Every Bite’. Stepping into our studio, it’s evident that our approach to food photography is about more than just setting the right lighting or finding the perfect angle. It’s about diving deep into the heart of the dish and deciphering its story. […]

Blending Frames and Flavors: Our Approach to Food Photography

A top-down view of a baking scene featuring an unbaked apple pie filled with diced apples, a cutting board with apple slices and a knife, a bottle of maple syrup, whole and sliced apples, a small bowl with spices, and a scoop of flour, all scattered on a dark surface with hints of flour and a navy cloth.
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The Visual Appetite It’s no secret that we live in a world dominated by visuals. From scrolling through social media to browsing reviews, our eyes are constantly searching for something that appeals to our senses. Making your menu insta-worthy is more crucial than ever, as studies have reaffirmed that people don’t just eat with their […]

First Bite is with the Eye: Making Your Menu Insta-Worthy

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October Blues and the Fiery Cure October had been a particularly dull month for me, with the routine sinking in and creativity seemingly evaporating. I longed for a spark to reignite my passion. That’s when capturing fiery jalapeños came to mind, infusing my world with their vibrant hue of fiery red. I decided to capture […]

Behind the Lens: Our Process for Capturing Fiery Jalepeños

A dark plate featuring sliced green and red chili peppers, with scattered red peppercorns and chili powder against a deep blue background.
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In the embrace of a cozy kitchen, senses stir. The evocative scent of mole sauce wafts in the air, intertwining with the tender tones of family tales and shared laughter echoing around a well-worn table. It’s in these moments – full of warmth, connection, and the undeniable pull of the past – that we find […]

Celebrating Life’s Flavors: The Story of a Chicken Mole Photoshoot

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Ah, Madrid. In 2019, my husband and I had the delight of wandering through its vibrant streets. We laughed, danced, and, most importantly, ate our way through the enchanting cities of Malaga, Toledo, and El Escorial. But amidst the tantalizing tapas and breathtaking architecture, it was the simple, humble green olive that captivated me the […]

The Olive Epiphany: Our Whimsical Olive Photoshoot

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