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I like being able to give my readers photographs of chocolate that are both beautiful and scrumptious. I also want to show them what it takes for me to pull off all that magic, so they can see how I shot this cocoalicious image. The process of creating this picture session, from conception to conclusion, […]

How I Shot This Cocoalicious Photo Shoot

Spoons in embedded in cocoa powder with cinnamon sticks and chocolate chips
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As a food photographer, I find myself looking for captivating food images that portray the excitement and beauty of food. I’ll tell you why. I’ve asked chefs, restauranteurs, food stylists, and many people what makes me stand out when it comes to photographing food. Some said I’m bold, some said I’m imaginative, while others simply […]

Reasons Why People Are Drawn To Me As A Food Photographer

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We are all unique, and the world needs your unique voice and point of view. What makes your work unique? Is it the props you use? The location? There are so many factors involved in creating your personal style, but it starts with knowing yourself. As a food photographer, it’s an absolute must to know […]

Why Being Unique Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do As a Food Photographer

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As a food photographer, there are many questions one must be able to answer. And no, it is not a trick question. Hopefully, you have a good idea of what makes you stand out as a food photographer and how you want to present yourself. But if you don’t, it’s time to figure it out. […]

Questions Every Food Photography Business Should Be Able To Answer

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This post is about the photoshoot for Poirot’s Coffee and Creme Puffs, a mock coffee shop I imagined in my head. We used Hercule Poirot as an inspiration for this coffee and crepe photoshoot. Hercule Poirot is the main character of a British series by Agatha Christie. He’s a Belgian detective who solves mysteries and […]

Poirot’s Coffee: A Photoshoot Inspired by Hercule Poirot

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Today we’re going to be discussing whether it’s worth your money to hire a professional food photographer. Food photography can help build recognition for your brand or product. If you’re thinking about hiring a pro, please take the time to read this post and make an informed decision based on facts, not what you think […]

Food Photographer: Hire A Pro Or Do It Yourself?

Close up picture of three tacos with lime and pica de gallo
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Everybody gets creative blocks. Everybody. Have you ever just felt like your creativity was tapped out? Like you had nothing left to give? As a food photographer, you’re expected to be a creative genius. People want you to have the perfect shot of their dish ready and waiting in your back pocket. And most of […]

How I Get Over Creative Blocks

Flat lay image of madeleine's on a plate with a cup of tea.
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How to set yourself apart from the crowd as a food photographer As a food photographer, I often find myself facing the same time-consuming conundrum: how to take eye-catching, original photos that excite my clients and stand out amongst the thousands of similar shots already on the web. How to stand out in a crowded […]

Food Photography: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Niche

Close up of chocolate candy in carton
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Behind the scenes of my most recent photoshoot featuring macaroons, cannoli’s, and champagne. I love champagne. And macaroons? Forget it. I could eat those all day, every day. Cannoli’s? I’m in heaven. The beautiful hues of different colored macaroons, champagne in various modern glasses, and the perfect roundness of a cannoli made for the ideal […]

Macaroons, Cannoli’s, and Champagne: My Fav

Platter of coconut macaroons, cannolis on a plate and two champagne glasses
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Food photography is a crucial component to the marketing of any ghost kitchen. If you’re not using a food photographer to glamorize your menu for your ghost kitchen, then what are you doing?! Why are you leaving money on the table? Let’s just admit it—people are visual. As you build your Ghost Kitchen, you may […]

Why Your Ghost Kitchen Need a Food Photographer

Swirls of spaghetti pasta
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