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Protecting your creativity Protect your creativity EPISODE SUMMARY Why do you create?  You create because you have to. You have a story that needs to be told, an idea that needs to be shared, or a vision that needs to be brought to reality. And when you’re creating, you feel alive—you feel like yourself. That’s […]

014: Protect Your Creativity, Your Work, and Yourself

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EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode, we talk to Frank Curry, an educator at Austin Community College and photographer. We discuss learning to fail forward, embracing the photographer you are and not the one you think you should be, taking risks, and the challenges that photographers face today. We begin with a question: What does it […]

013: Learning To Fail Forward And Take Risks

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Power of Connecting EPISODE SUMMARY If you want to be successful in today’s world, you need to be multi-faceted. That’s the lesson that Addie Broyles wants us to learn, and it’s something she’s been demonstrating with her own career. Addie understands the power of connecting with people. Addie is a multi-faceted renaissance woman: she is […]

012: The Power of Connecting With People

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I wanted to bring back this oldie but goodie of an image. Red Wine Poached Pears. This was one of my favorite shoots ever, and I think it’s high time we brought it back. After all, they had the most perfect color ever. The colors in this image are absolutely stunning. The white background really helps […]

Recent Work: Red Wine Poached Pears

hand pouring juice on poached pears
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When I quit my job in 2017 and started a food photography creative business, I thought it would be easy. In the beginning of my food photography creative business, it was one of the most exciting things I did. Why? Because it gave me the opportunity to make my own rules, create my own deadlines, […]

3 Things No One Tells You About Starting A Food Photography Creative Business

Woman with a hat standing on a sidewalk in front of a building on South First St. in Austin, Texas.
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Comparing Yourself EPISODE SUMMARY From the moment you start taking pictures and sharing them with the world, you will begin to compare yourself to other photographers. You might feel that they are better at shooting food than you. Or that their images sell more than yours because they look like they belong on a magazine […]

011: Why Comparing Yourself To Other Food Photographers Is Pointless

Woman standing in front of building wearing a hat
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Introduction When Alice Waters wrote in The Art of Simple Food, “good food is a right and not a privilege,” she was speaking about the way we prepare food at home. But she could just as easily have been speaking about the way we photograph it. As professional food photographer Georgina Hayden tells me, “I […]

A Food Photographer Who Will Capture Your Style

Flat lay image of madeleine's on a plate with a cup of tea.
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Today is World Mental Health Day, a day that has special meaning for me. World Mental Health Day is a day when I can remind myself that I am not alone in my struggles with mental health and it’s a day when I can reach out to others who are struggling and offer support. This […]

World Mental Health Day

Two men sitting at a breakfast table and talking. Interior of restaurant
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Lead Food Stylist EPISODE SUMMARY When you’re a food stylist, the pressure is on. Lead food stylists has to make the food look delicious and appetizing, but also make sure it’s not too overdone. It’s a fine line to walk—and one that Olivia Caminiti has walked time and time again. Caminiti began her career as […]

010: Mentorship, Versions of Home, and Going from Assistant to Lead Food Stylist

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Food photography is a serious business. It’s also an art form, and we value the opportunity to create beautiful images that showcase your brand. Our uncommon touch and approach to food photography is unique in that it focuses on bringing out the best in each project. We use our skills as artists and photographers to […]

The Uncommon Touch We Bring To Food Photography

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