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Everybody gets creative blocks. Everybody. Have you ever just felt like your creativity was tapped out? Like you had nothing left to give? As a food photographer, you’re expected to be a creative genius. People want you to have the perfect shot of their dish ready and waiting in your back pocket. And most of […]

How I Get Over Creative Blocks

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I want to talk with you about the work-life grind, a tricky balance. When you have a 9-5 job, you have a set schedule to follow. You know when you are supposed to be at the office, how long the day would last, and how long it would take you to get home. But being […]

The Work-Life Grind, A Complicated Balance

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It’s been almost four years since I left my office job, and it has been a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot since starting my food photography business. I’m not going to lie and say that the road has been smooth sailing because it hasn’t. Running a business was never something I planned to do. […]

What I’ve Learned Since Starting My Food Photography Business

woman walking down the street wearing a hat, jeans, black shirt and sweater.
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How Food Photography Turned Me Into A Dreamer. If you had asked me five years ago what my life revolved around, the word “photography” would not have crossed my mind. Today I’m a dreamer and a believer in the endless possibilities that photography offers. I live a new life, learning about food and photography techniques […]

How Food Photography Turned Me Into A Dreamer

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I create food photography that tells stories.   Christmas. It delights; it warms and creates the coziest feelings deep inside us. Families gather, traditions increase the love and the annual bustle is magical for a time. Christmas is about togetherness. The feeling of being in a charming village with cozy houses stacked along snowy streets. […]

How Christmas Memories Inspires Food Photography

Powdered sugar being dusted on falling sugar cubes with snowmen on top.
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What I did before food photography I have always been a creative person. Growing up, my mom encouraged me to pursue my passion for theatre. I’ve never been a fan of conformist thinking or norms. I always thought about how I could go against the grain and have a career that would fit my personality. […]

This Is My Story: How I became a Food Photographer

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Do you want to move beyond stunning photography? To see your food stand out from the rest and attract new customers, you need scroll-stopping photos. It takes passion, patience, and talent to produce visually appealing photographs from elevated dishes to everyday eats. Our goal is to push beyond a pretty picture and capture the soul […]

How to Move Beyond a Pretty Photograph

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There are many pieces of advice that I could offer to people looking to live their best lives. From mundane things like brushing your teeth and making your beds to more lofty aspirations like chasing your dreams, but that’s not what this blog post is about. I always want to hear from experts on how […]

8 Pieces of Business Advice to Live By

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“Forget what everybody else is doing, Mica.” My photography professor said to me in class one day. “Why bother learning a trend if it’s not your style? So forget what everybody else is doing, Mica. Do and photograph what makes you happy.” At the time, the bright and airy trend was dominating the food world, […]

Forget what everybody else is doing

woman walking down the street wearing a hat, jeans, black shirt and sweater.
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Confession: I’m a drama queen. I live, breathe all things drama. It started in the 7th grade as a shy 13-year old kid who accidentally auditioned for a play and got bit by the acting bug. And since then, everything I’ve created had to be amplified. From telenovelas to trashy reality to operas, I’m attracted to […]

A New Way to Think About Food Photography

Mica McCook Food Photographer and Owner Austin Food Guide
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